Caiman Jaws
Caiman Jaws


Caiman Jaws

Japanese pop-punk band called Caiman Jaws formed in Kashiwa,Chiba Japan in 2023. The members are Go Yazawa(lead vocals and guitar), Tenkoro(bass and chorus),Ken.Z(guitar and chorus),KYP(drums and chorus). Low tone vocals,melodic guitar solos,violently bass guitar and pop sick drums. Caiman Jaws was inspired by Green Day, The Offspring, No Use For Name and some Japanese melodic-hardcore bands. The first album called To The Top. All the lyrics are written by Go Yazawa. The song called To The Top from this album,he wrote about how he wanted to start this band,his conflict,desires and also positive thoughts. On the other hands, A City Boy at Dawn from the album,he was inspired by the book called The End of the Pale Hour(Akegata no Wakamonotachi) written by Masahiko Katsuse. Go had an experience like this situation before, and tried to fix it in his mind.


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