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BULGE profile: We have started a unit of Takahiro Hosoki and Rie Tanaka, since 1995. Besides our own activity as artist unit, we have provide music pieces with various artists, such as Hitomi Shimatani, V6, Misato Watanabe, Aya Matsuura,AAA. Also we display our multiple abilities by the participation of recording and live, as well as the produce and words, composition and arrangement. https://mau-music.wixsite.com/work/jobs

Genre: Alternative Pop
Active area: Tokyo

Takahiro HosokiComposed,Lyrics,Arrange,Programming,Bass,Keyboards, ..., Other Instruments, Mixed & Mastering.
Rie TanakaComposed,Lyrics,Arrange,Programming,Vocal,Chorus,Keyboards, ..., Other Instruments, Mixed & Mastering.

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