BULGE profile: We have started a unit of Takahiro Hosoki and Rie Tanaka, since 1995. Besides our own activity as artist unit, we have provide music pieces with various artists, such as Hitomi Shimatani, V6, Misato Watanabe, Aya Matsuura,AAA. Also we display our multiple abilities by the participation of recording and live, as well as the produce and words, composition and arrangement. https://mau-music.wixsite.com/work/jobs 【Rie Tanaka】 #Began taking piano lessons at age 4 #Won a prize in Yamaha Junior Original Concert(JOC) at age 7, 9 and 10. #Got sick and tired of classical music, I organized a music band at age 12 and started making the original piece of music. #Devoted to her band activity after the entrance of university, then I started the study of the song by self-education. #Won an Award of excellent in the National Convention of "My Song", the singer-songwriter audition sponsored by Yamaha in March, 1992. #Won a gold medal at Japan Final of Yamaha "MUSIC QUEST'92" in September, 1992. 【Takahiro Hosoki】 #In 1973, I was influenced by glam-rock such as SLADE and T-Rex, then started playing an electro bass. Besides taking lessons of the contrabass and the cello, I have started the activity as the professional musician after the entrance of high school(I gave up the contrabass and the cello after that!). #In 1978, Participated in "Yoko Blues Band"(Victor Invitation lavel). #In 1981, Released two albums, "99.99/Four-Nine" and "More Of Four-Nine" from King Record Electricbird label. Then, I participated in various music works with Akira Nakagawa, the producer/conductor, and "Tadao Kitano and Arrow Jazz Orchestra". Also took in charge of Musicals, CM, Drama attendant, and various recording and concerts. #In 1990, Besides the activity as the bass player, I started writing music. Keyboard,Bass,Compose,Arrangement,Mix,Mastering & Produce in "mau Label" of which is presented by BULGE.

ジャンル:Alternative Pop

細木隆広Composed,Lyrics,Arrange,Programming,Bass,Keyboards, ..., Other Instruments, Mixed & Mastering.
田中利江Composed,Lyrics,Arrange,Programming,Vocal,Chorus,Keyboards, ..., Other Instruments, Mixed & Mastering.

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