Yuka Inui
Yuka Inui



Name:Yuka Inui A first song is shown by piano self-accompaniment in front of 720 people of entire school students at a 3rd grader of elementary school. Band activity is begun in earnest after she enters a high school. In fiscal year 2006 "We're Sneaker Age's", an excellent school, a prize is won. An indies debut is achieved by a song called "Kimidoku" "How Crazy am I about you" from `Akane Record` in spring in 2009. Same year August and she appear on a charity event of Nippon Television Network. An affected artist, Radiohead,Bjork,Janis Joplin. ... ☆2009/6/21 - my music life Vol.1 -(Omnibus album) Kimi Doku,How Crazy am I about you ☆2010/12/1 - my music life Vol.2"SMILE" -(Omnibus album) Good Lovin',REHAB ☆2011/3/3 1st - Risky - WARN,error,Love Spell,REHAB,Good Lovin' ☆2013/1/9 2nd - Anaphylaxis - Anaphylaxis ☆2016/8/20 3rd - Vain - ※Bass,Keyboard,Arrange,Mix & Mastering :Takahiro Hosoki ※Chorus Arrange : Rie Tanaka ※Sound Produced by BULGE (Takahiro Hosoki Rie Tanaka)

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