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Marewrew is a vocal group comprised of women whose goal is to keep the tradition of Ainu songs called "Upopo" alive. They started full-scale activities in 2010, after releasing their first mini-album, "MAREWREW." In 2011, the independent performance project "Marewrew Festival: Aiming for a 1 million-person Upopo Chorus!" was started, and their performances with artists like UA, Kiseru, Oorutaichi, Haruomi Hosono (YMO), and Masafumi Goto (ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION) led to acclaim across Japan. Marewrew's activities have attracted attention not only in Japan but also abroad. The group is regularly invited to perform at festivals across Europe, including at the world music festival,WONAD UK The turntablist ,guitarist and composer , Yoshihide Otomo, collaborated with Marewrew to produce music for the NHK (E-Television) program "Otona no Ikkyu-san," which was broadcast in the fall of 2016. In 2019, they released the album "Mike Mike Nociw ". In 2020, Marewrew received attention for the song they provided Netflix for the movie "Ju-On: Origins."

Active area: HOKKAIDO


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