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MOCKEN, a 4-piece rock band from Koshigaya, Saitama. In 2019, Ryo Sugiyama (Bass) and Daiji Usami (Drums) met Motohiro Nagano (Vocal & Guitar). That is how MOCKEN was formed originally and started the band from October, 2019. In August 2022, Ryunosuke Yokoyama (Guitar) joined MOCKEN and all the current members came together. MOCKEN's music is based on Guitar Rock blended with Emo / Alternative feel, and they are also known for their explosive stage performance.

Genre: Emo / Alternative / Rock
Active area: Japan

Motohiro NaganoVo.Gt
Ryunosuke YokoyamaGt
Ryo SugiyamaBa.Cho
Daiji UsamiDr.Cho

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