Sweet&Funk pro-chorus group consisting of four of ,Funky-T,Jun-Bay which is active as Suga-Pimps with SDJ (Suga-Pimps, Daisuke,JAYE) SDJ and Falsetter Daisuke, where are young and spirited and JAYE. Suga-Pimps is active now as a family of Bro.Korn. Daisuke serves Noriyuki Makihara, MISIA,the recording of many artists including Shota Shimizu and a live chorus as solo again. In JAYE, even Tetsuya Murakami, unit The J-M-S (the James) with Yuji Sakai energize now via legendary Soul Band Human Soul, Real Blood with Bro.Tom and others. While each is loaded with the carrier as the musician, I create exquisite harmony together as one group. After organization of 2013, I release the first CD (We are SDJ) in October, 2015. I announce first full album "Beautiful People" to be similar in January, 2018 It is a few full-scale chorus groups to handle from New Jersey Sweet to Phillie dancer, Funk which are Deep again.


SDJ Beautiful People Front Cover

SDJ Beautiful People