Itsuro(=1×2_6) is an experimental pop/avant-garde hiphop musician. He plays the keyboard and the sampler, singing a song with falsetto and rap. His basic style is performance,compose,recording,mix and he plays all of them. Itsuro's work is in very complex field. His music is mixture of funk,rock,pop,newwave,folk,electro,punk,and hip hop. When he was child, he was listening to songs on Billboard pop hits. However, it not only, records in his house(Prince,James Brown,Michael Jackson,etc..),and old musicals,Japanese festivals's drums and flutes.... he have been influenced by all these. In addition, after he grew up,he was also influenced by hip-hop culture(80's~) and the Japanese underground music, poetry and literature, and films. His musical career started in hip-hop. And now, he has created a very unique own style.


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