Naomasa Obinata

When I was a teenager, started my musical career at the same time from the street live when I get a guitar. Then, after a career as a musician, produced a number of songs with a focus on instrumental music that was taking advantage of the characteristic of the acoustic guitar is now. Award-winning of the contest There are several, currently ongoing activities as a composer. Has continued to regularly up the original songs also in YouTube, the total number of times played more than 6.8 million times (July 2016)


Cafe Music guitar ~Nostalgia~ Front Cover

Cafe Music guitar ~Nostalgia~

Way Of Life ~Relaxing Guitar Music~ Front Cover

Way Of Life ~Relaxing Guitar Music~

Peaceful Guitar Music ~Ocean Cafe~ Front Cover

Peaceful Guitar Music ~Ocean Cafe~

Healing & Relaxing ~Cafe Guitar Music~ Front Cover

Healing & Relaxing ~Cafe Guitar Music~

Cafe Style Acoustic Guitar Music Front Cover

Cafe Style Acoustic Guitar Music


Heal Your Heart ~Relaxing Acoustics~ Front Cover

Heal Your Heart ~Relaxing Acoustics~