Yoshi Blessed

Yoshi Blessed is a Music producer / beatmaker / MC / remixer / engineer.He produced and provided music, and doing collaboration,remix at Japan and oversea. Launched a Yoshi Blessed Music in 2005, widely released works, including his own. In 2009,Yoshi released his own work "Second Season".It includes many collaborarions of SPEECH(Grammy Winning Artist with Arrested Development),S1 (producer of Beyonce,Kanye West,50 Cent,etc) ,Funky DL, Braille and Othello,Mr.J.Medeiros(The Procussions),M-Phazes(producer of Eminem) and more.Yoshi has a rich musical sense/knowledge and good understanding of sampling / analog vintage sound form of his beat making/produced works.It has been highly appreciated by foreign artists/producers. In 2014, Yoshi released his own work "PLUGED". He collaborated with Theory Hazit,The Procussions,Othello,YDG(Korea),20syl(Hocus Pocus). Through this work, He hopes that it is possible to deliver even a little encouragement to people who have been placed in a difficult situation, including the earthquake of Japan(2011).


PLUGED Front Cover