God's divine messenger of an Inari Shrine, came from the Heian period across time. He is a fox, a music and dance artist. He pursues sound and song of Japan of all ages and regions, and shows you the unique world, the mixture of Japanese colors and taste. His performance bases on various concepts such as Demon, Onmyouji, Ninja. He sings and dances storytelling each concept. His name is "Tukuyomi Kagurakono Touya." He works extensively as a vocalist, an art performer and a composer. From 2013 to 2015, he was seen performing live shows mainly at local festivals all over Japan, at 30+ locations each year. Aside from these live performance, he has appeared on several shows as a demon character, coordinated variety of events as a master of ceremony and also actively participated in local festivals supporting their PR activities throughout Japan. He often works with the Yuru-Chara mascots and previously joined Shiwamaro-Kun of Morioka City / Shiwajo Kodai Park in the Scepter Competition at the Shiwajo Festival. He also participates in the dedication ceremonies and services of the Shinto and Buddhist communities. His creative sound focuses on "Japan" and majority of his work is co-produced with a composer, Siro (Sumizome sound). Discography: Available via online streaming is "COOL JAPAN" since October 2011, "Yamato Nadeshiko" since October 2012, and his First Album "Yagami" was released by Music Label Yagamiya on April 1, 2015. It is available in stores throughout Japan. New CD single, "Tsukiyomukitsune" is scheduled for release in Summer 2016.


Kenkonkasin Front Cover