While engaging in the work of healing, I want to sing healing songs that speaks to the source consciousness in my mind once in a while! Started music activities based in Yokohama from March 2015. August 22, 2017 Original song "Wa ~ Wa ~" is released for the first released ! September 11, 2018 Original song "One source - cosmic lullaby ~" 2nd released ! ! The end of the Heisei last summer where abnormal weather continued, the new era in which it is born, "the possibilities of each person shine blossoming, peaceful and beautiful newborn earth" of the new era to be born will spread all over the world along with music ... such wish Into. Whether it is happy or sad, "Four Wa of Happy Music" (環 wa=circle .笑 wa=laughter . 分 wa= sharing .和 wa= Harmony)~ spreading ~ with the motto "Music makes one heart of the world one" !! From now on, thank you ♪


Source is One ~ cosmic lullaby ~ Front Cover

Source is One ~ cosmic lullaby ~

Wa Front Cover