AWAYA is a sound-art-unit by tOmOkicHi (Fukushima Masatomo) and yU (Okuno Yumiko). They produce the "art work of sound" while living with nature in Kumano. Incorporating a variety of sampled natural sound material with Modern synthesizers to classical instruments, such as HICHIRIKI and SHAMISEN. Also using voice performances inspired by the atmosphere of the surroundings, they develop the installation exhibition art, produce music, and perform the mystery of life and the universe by their unique view of the world of music. Their original stage production and overwhelming performance in KOYASAN, BIWAKO Biennale, Art museum, etc., drew attention from not only domestic but also overseas. As a composer who have received high evaluation, they produced the back ground music for the Osaka Municipal Environmental Learning Center, Aquarium 3D theater in Kushimoto Marine Park Center, InterBEE (International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition), Roppongi Art Night, Animation Exhibits, etc...


Pray - the sound from KURENAI KOYA Front Cover

Pray - the sound from KURENAI KOYA


Rainbow trail Front Cover

Rainbow trail

Dreaming Fairy shrimp Front Cover

Dreaming Fairy shrimp

Air Front Cover


VOYAGER to MEBIUS (forest noise MIX) Front Cover

VOYAGER to MEBIUS (forest noise MIX)