The musical unit which consists of Sanae and AFKEY (AFUKII) "NOYORIDA" NHK singing contest ground champion releases noyori feat.LITTLE "head dive to your heart" in 2000 for Sanae of Vocal. Television program "future diary IX" theme song. I debut, in Noyori "Secret Love-secret-like love-" Major. The singer name is changed to" cherry tree" from 2007 year "Noyori" ", tell/grace with age SHIYO is heart blues, and debuts. Gt Compose Track AFKEY (AFUKII) in programming Arranged is a music offer to music of its unit, the side which comes into action by Born 2 Win, the air, a box and NOYORIDA, Hip Hop, R&B group, POPS and a program for children such as a radio actor group and an indies label major label, a theme song of an enterprise and the relation of media. BGM offer of an ending song of a television program, a show tune and Suntory "DISARONNO" commercial. A theme song, Jingle and BGM of TBS radio program are offered. Jingle offers "happi crappie" in a station of kids. Player's entrance song offer in a martial arts group pancrase and. A theme song of a popular game "Luv" and hero's theme song of Tomi mosquito are produced.


All through the night Front Cover

All through the night

Free your mind Front Cover

Free your mind

Luv (feat. doub sha) Front Cover

Luv (feat. doub sha)

It flows into you Front Cover

It flows into you