Nobuya Kobori

Nobuya Kobori He composes all kinds of music. He plays piano music. He sings English or Japanese songs. He writes English or Japanese lyrics. He controls DJ turntables. He produces all kinds of musicians and he collaborates with all nations of them. Please go to the links, and listen his music. Nobuya Kobori Website Mail


Starlights Front Cover


Revive up, Michinoku Front Cover

Revive up, Michinoku

Turn of Fortune's Wheel Album #1 Front Cover

Turn of Fortune's Wheel Album #1

For You Front Cover

For You

Dream for Everyone Front Cover

Dream for Everyone


YASAI Front Cover


Light in the Dark Front Cover

Light in the Dark

Eternal Lamplight Front Cover

Eternal Lamplight

The Wings Front Cover

The Wings

Sound of Rain Front Cover

Sound of Rain

Affection Front Cover