Kico (Singer-Songwriter / Born on July 22nd, Blood type: A) Started composing at the age of 15. Song sent at the age of 21 became a chance to come to Tokyo from Osaka. Performed in club with live music or on the street and expanded her repertoire. Music label became interested with her performance in Yoyogi park on Christmas 2005. In February 2007, became a professional musician and released 2 single CDs as "Kico Onuki" from Universal J. Besides her activity as Kico Onuki, her voice and character gained attention from animation related people and started activity as "COON" in 2008. Released 2 single CDs. Works in various field from music, radio personality, voice actress and stage etc. In 2014, became free musician and started activity with name "Kico". She keeps on singing "family love" which she cherishes the most while working as a care-worker.


Family Restaurant Front Cover

Family Restaurant

inochi no uta Front Cover

inochi no uta


single life Front Cover

single life

Secret with Santa Front Cover

Secret with Santa

soraomitatoki, tioshittatoki Front Cover

soraomitatoki, tioshittatoki

Kienakimono Front Cover


Melody Front Cover


Birthday Night Front Cover

Birthday Night

Your Story Front Cover

Your Story