Kaz Skellington

Kaz Skellington is a Japanese Rap/Funk musician originally from Orange County California, now living in Japan. His band charted 4th on the iTunes Japan Hip-Hop Album chart and performed in FUJIROCK 2015, which is the biggest music festival in Japan. His performance was chosen as the 3rd best act of FUJIROCK 2015 by the official reviewers.


So We Pretendのジャケット写真

So We Pretend

Paroxysmal Impulseのジャケット写真

Paroxysmal Impulse


So I Pretend I Never Met Youのジャケット写真

So I Pretend I Never Met You

Booze Houseのジャケット写真

Booze House

Doped Upのジャケット写真

Doped Up