Kaoru Shinozaki

Born October 14, Libra, B type. Grow born Gunma in Sapporo. When I was a child, when I heard the zerolandmine of unit N.M.L made in the call for Ryuichi Sakamoto, it begins to have an interest in and vaguely war and music. While being motivated by doubt and excitement I felt at that time even now, are facing the music. Tragic events in the Middle East, terrorism successive all over the world. Entertainers enliven the media, politicians of the scandal. Full of SNS in its own take. Flyer of the mountain that has accumulated in the post, the movie that I saw yesterday. The eyes events, feel every day, I think affirming all things. Hopelessness crosses the expectations, is attacked by loneliness. What I mean that has been born? What I live we mean? ... I loved it ... to love Born song among you are thinking such a thing, I was singing in the street If you find yourself. I noticed in myself that I think I want you to listen to the song to a lot of people. 24-year-old spring, decided to rest of my life, continue to sing.


Shiawase no uta Front Cover

Shiawase no uta