Name: FULLMOON Date of Birth: October 18, 1988 Born and activities: Japan-born singer-songwriter, novelist, thinker, philosopher Education: Prefectural High School graduate Music artists you can build a song in the voice of only one person. In order to complete the song will overlap the 70 or more music tracks. making full use of polyphonic recording. Music instrument has not been used. Person's voice can not be adjusted for living creatures. I feel that it is infinite. More than one year of production period. for work , I will require an enormous amount of time of production. Everything of the song is FULLMOON produces is the song which examined philosophy(human way of life and thought, hatred and anger, sorrow and grief, pleasure and joy). I does not pass through the sound arts, literary professional school, but will continue to work because there are things that I want to draw. FULLMOON also work as a novelist. Pseudonym is a full moon. "Artemis Little girls story"


Peace is the way of life of people Front Cover

Peace is the way of life of people