Choco is a singer-songwriter, actress, makeup artist, and Youtuber. Born in Seoul, Korea and raised in Tokyo, she was heavily Influenced by her parents. Choco grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mayumi Itsuwa, Utada Hikaru, and 80s-90s Korean pop songs. In her early years she moved to Oahu, Hawaii, where she attended high school. After coming back to Japan, she studied Acting at the United Performers Studio in Tokyo. Later on she was cast as the Lead role in the play: "Hula girl". In 2014, she started her YouTube channel, "Choco no room". Her posts focus mainly on Makeup tutorials, with the central theme of encouraging viewers to embrace their own beauty. In 2017, her vocal was featured in a Japanese television drama: "Keiji7-nin" on TV Asahi, where she also made an appearance on the show singing the theme song. On March 11th, 2018, Choco will release her debut artist EP album "Gold", featuring Guitarist Masa Kohama, recorded and mixed by Neeraj Khajanchi and Yuu Sasaki. This EP was named after her last name Kim, which means Gold in Korean. Her soft, soulful voice in every track will draw you in, and her works speak of identity and stories of her personal life journey.


Gold Front Cover



I'll wait Front Cover

I'll wait

Wash Away (feat. Dobolo) Front Cover

Wash Away (feat. Dobolo)

too much Front Cover

too much

Call my name Front Cover

Call my name

Hands Front Cover


Real Talk Front Cover

Real Talk