Akikazu Nakamura

[Kokoo] Nakamura Akitazu (composition, Shakuhachi), Yagi Michinori (vo, Koto, 21 string), Maki Isogai (vo, koto, 17 strings). Formed in 1995. With beat, noise, cord, improvisionation, with the formation of only one shakuhachi and koto (13-string, 21-string, 17-string) 2 persons, only with the Japanese traditional music instrument, the taste of the Japanese instruments and the voice of the folk song 10 I draw it out in two minutes and create a contemporary sound that can not be imagined from the formation of Shakuhachi and Koto. By playing the koto in a standing posture, I made it possible to perform a groove full of live performances. In addition to conducting performances in various places in Japan such as live performances, broadcasting performances, the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, the Kuhmo Music Festival in Finland, the Istanbul Music Festival in Turkey, the Festival of the Japan in New Zealand, the Japan Society in New York, Performances in various countries such as Eastman School of Music, Boston Museum of Art, Philadelphia Art Museum, World Culture Center in the Netherlands, Berlin Philharmonic Hall. CD ◎ Kokoo / ZOOM (King / KICP 681) The first album of the band "Kokoo" consisting of Shakuhachi and Koto of Nakamura Akito. ◎ Kokoo / super-nova (King / KICP 716) "Kokoo" second album. Remake of old classic rock masterpieces by hands of 10 arranger who is active in the front line. ◎ Kokoo / moon (Maxell / MQCP-1) Maxi single of "Kokoo". A spiritual world that makes use of the voice of the folk song.


KOKOO ~moon~ Front Cover

KOKOO ~moon~

KOKOO ~moon~

2017/04/11 - 3 Songs

  • 1
    Close your eyes
    Akikazu Nakamura, Michiyo Yagi & Maki Isogai
  • 2
    Akikazu Nakamura, Michiyo Yagi & Maki Isogai
  • 3
    Akikazu Nakamura, Michiyo Yagi & Maki Isogai

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LABEL : Maxell E cube co.

GENRE : World / Enka/Tradition / Rock

A shakuhachi player, Akikazu Nakamura, formed a group in 1995. They create unimaginable contemporary sound with "beat","chords","improvisation" by one Shakuhachi and 2 Koto. It will create a new and groovy sound by playing a Koto and Shakuhachi in a standing posture.