Yuuuske was born in 1984. He begins a piano by 5 years old. And a cornet was played in British Style Brass Band from 9 years old to 16 years old. He belongs to Suzumenomiya Youth band, learns from Mr. Yabuuchi and experiences British performance travel with the United States. He undergoes influence from classical music, church music and music of a standard and a contemporary music, polishes a sense and begins composition from 13 years old by self-education. After that he experiences tympanitis and shifts to a piano from a cornet. It's attracted by the power of Healing Music, and he's writing with the theme of heaing and the abundant nature. Music is sold from 2006. He makes Improvisation music his strong point in addition to the composition. A piano album "Honesty" is sold in 2015.


Eternal Harmony -528Hz Peaceful Piano- Front Cover

Eternal Harmony -528Hz Peaceful Piano-

Honesty -Piano Solo- Front Cover

Honesty -Piano Solo-


Silent Night Front Cover

Silent Night