As in love, there are romantic feelings. As in a trick, there are comical, eccentric feelings. In her music, Tomoko's naked soul is fired sharply at the listener. She spins the movement of sensitive minds into a state of calmness... She uses these feelings to their fullest natural application. This sense of hers is a unique talent in Japan. She freely changes her masks, man or woman, child or old man. She becomes an infant hungry for affection, a girl falling in love, a man who can't be independent, a neglected guy who can't get along with others, a tired wife who laments her life, a woman who loves a foolish man, a person struggling to achieve their dreams. Her songs are naturally intimate with the feelings of their characters and with the nuances of life. They contain affectionate opinions about the clumsiness that humans possess. Tomoko Shimasaki's songs are for all people. *For Tomoko's CV and the literal translations of her lyrics, please refer to the link below.


Vital Stream Front Cover

Vital Stream

Vital Stream

2016/01/19 - 10 Songs

  • 1
    By Revelling
    Tomoko SHIMASAKI
  • 2
    Hair Whirl
    Tomoko SHIMASAKI
  • 3
    It's Not Uncool
    Tomoko SHIMASAKI
  • 4
    Noodles for Two
    Tomoko SHIMASAKI
  • 5
    Tomoko SHIMASAKI
  • 6
    Try Accepting Myself
    Tomoko SHIMASAKI
  • 7
    I Miss You
    Tomoko SHIMASAKI
  • 8
    Musical Figures
    Tomoko SHIMASAKI
  • 9
    Vital Stream
    Tomoko SHIMASAKI
  • 10
    Day to Day Life
    Tomoko SHIMASAKI

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LABEL : Miracle Records

GENRE : J-Pop / Alternative / Folk

Vital Stream --Tomoko Shimasaki's 7th album

She goes back to basics on this solo album, on which she sings while playing the piano. This is a no-concept album, like a new-born baby, its unvarnished music is just the way it is. It will be launched on 19th January 2016.

I've decided to record my best tunes for the 10th anniversary of my music career. However, four days before the recording day, I realised that launching a best tunes album is not what I should do. So I finished my existing unreleased tunes from my past albums, and made this organic new album. --Tomoko Shimasaki

Vocals, instruments and composition: Tomoko Shimasaki
Recording location: Bobtail, Ike-no-ue, Tokyo
Engineering, mixing and mastering: Hiroshi Ueno
Piano tuning: Seiko Kisami
Album artwork: Takehiko Tsutsumi
Cover and booklet design: Takehiko Tsutsumi

*Please refer to the link below to see a press release for Vital Stream.

For Tomoko's CV in English, please refer to the link below.

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