Jaye's Mass Choir

Jaye's Mass Choir profile ○I form it around JAYE KOHYAMA in 1996. ○I release debut album "JOY" than P-VINE record in 1998. ○Net TV affiliated with TBS of the whole country is in charge of theme song "running the Edo" in 2001. ○A debut major than Record Company BMG Victor in "Go My Way." Full album "JOYSPEL" announcement of the same year second piece. ○In December, 2010 from the fourth piece full album "KINGDOM" announcement ○ "Empowered21" appearance in 2011 Indonesia Jakarta ○ Appearance live for 2012 years for soul in Korea ○Jaye produces "flower garden rugby ground gospel festival" carried out in Higashiosaka in May, 2015. JMC appearance. ○ In December, 2016, I announce this new album "Praise the Lord" for the first time in six years. ○ The "Tohoku gospel Festa" appearance that JAYE produces in Sakata-shi, Yamagata in September, 2017. ○ In August, 2018, it is holding NPO corporation Jaye's mass Choir sponsorship, Naniwa gospel festival Vol.19 "love of the agape".


Praise the Lord Front Cover

Praise the Lord